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How long should we go on safari for?

How long should we go on safari for?

This is probably the question that we get asked most – and to be honest there is no standard answer as everyone’s circumstances are different.
Some of you are travelling for the first time to Africa, for others you have already visited numerous times.

You may be travelling alone, as a group or with your family – but the one thing that is common is that you all want it to a trip of a lifetime and the question you need to ask is – how long can I go for to make it worthwhile for me?
We work with every client to build a safari that suits their circumstances – we don’t tick boxes and run you ragged trying to see and do everything possible in a two-week timeframe. Because we know the countries and areas you are travelling to, we can give you realistic expectations as to what you can see and do in the time you have.
You don’t want to come home exhausted and not remembering one place from the next and feeling like you have spent your entire holiday in a vehicle or aeroplane moving between destinations.

Africa is a country that needs your attention to get the most out of it. To do this you have to be in the moment, which involves some pre-planning to ensure we get the right mix.
From my experience, if you do a safari properly, then 10-14 days is plenty with a mix of three to four safari camps and a few days at the end to unwind from your safari, which will vary depending on which countries you are visiting.
If you don’t have that much time and only have 8 nights on safari, then it is far more relaxing and worthwhile to spend four nights at two camps than two nights at four different camps. The benefits of having more time in each camp is that you build up a rapport with your guide and you see different areas, and this gives you a better chance of seeing something special. The staff at the camps make it their job to make you feel at home and three or four days gives you the time to get to know them and them you- this makes your safari something that you will never forget.
So, there is no right answer but no matter what length of time you have, we will make sure we design and build a safari that is special and unforgettable for you.

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